MUSIC Writing, Mixing and CONSTRUCTION

Our job as composers is not to create masterpieces... but instead piece together something masterful.

Our goal is to create something new and unique, but not before we master the basicsWe attempt to reach out to all audiences no matter the race, gender or class. We  are writers and storytellers with the ability to communicate with a diverse audience customers.  

We create original music pieces using existing songs, loops and/or instrumental music components.  Combining these components, parts, and/or elements allows for a one of a kind music creation. The structure of each new song or piece of music is dependent on the artist(s) involved and composer(s). We help each artist create his or her music from the ground up. 

Each artist will be taught to start with reading music notation. Once the artist can read and write in music notation, understand scales, and triads, the next step is to learn how these elements / components can combine to create small scale and simple music. 

mixing and mastering

Studio level quality tools and sound at your finger tips

Pinpoint precision  on the controls and cross fader. We help you create a unique sound.  A magician with the mixer we blends songs seamlessly regardless of era or genre.  Truly diverse we try to captivate the hearts and heads of listeners regardless of their music preference.  No style of music is beyond his grasp. State of the art equipment specifically designed to create a memorable listening experience.