Students will become familiar with Machine Studio, MPC Touch, ProTools, Cubase, Technics 1200 Turntables, assorted MIDI devices such as keyboards and synthesizers, and acoustic setup. Special musical guests and instructors with a vast array of musical talents will also provide a broader understanding of different musical genres and techniques.  Students will also meet and learn from photographers, videopgraphers and graphic design artists in the business to help them build and market their brand


Writing and the expression of what moves you and those things that life faces you with head on provides students with an outlet for releasing whatever it is that makes them who they are.  We believe at Life's Dream in opening creative pathways to composing the masterpiece that speaks to their spirit.  We let the art speak for itself!


At life's dream music school our students are able to earn income while spending their time in our studios. Students will also be given several opportunities to perform. Our performance and development structure advances the positive development of our young people by promoting practices and principles that enable them to thrive.


The mission of life's dream music school is helping students build a portfolio of artwork through education, composition and production. Providing educational, entrepreneurial and life skills training simultaneously.


Students will be provided with internship, scholarship and career opportunities through the professional relationships they will build.  Career development training in photography, videography and graphic design is also available.